Song Yáng

From Valkyrie Cortex

Yáng was a mechanic and a browncoat, who died at the Battle of Serenity Valley.

He grew up on Hera under the care of his grandmother, and had left home at fifteen when she'd died. His mother had drunk herself to death when he was too young to remember, and his father hadn't stayed around long after his birth. He soon found his way into the employ of a cargo hauler, where he worked his way up from deck hand to ship's mechanic in a couple short years, and then he met Alice.

Their courtship was a whirlwind, the two hitting it off from the moment they met. He knew almost right away that he'd marry her if he got the chance, but didn't expect to get it since they came from two entirely different societies. When she'd asked him to marry her, and implied that it would come with all the society trimmings, he was so certain that she'd change her mind when her parents eventually tried to block the nuptials, he was afraid to tell her yes. After what felt like the longest cargo run in his life, and not a small amount of encouragement—from crew mate and alcohol alike—he told her yes first thing upon his return. As expected, her parents were against it, but unlike he expected, Alice didn't care what they thought. When it was clear that her parents weren't in support, she packed a bag and met Yáng as his ship was about to break port on its next cargo run. That was the last time he ever doubted her.

He cashed out his shares on the ship he was on, and they found a courthouse to get hitched in. Then it came time to decide where to settle. She wanted a farm, and he was happy to follow her wherever she went, even to the rim. He'd been very happy when Alice had liked his suggestion of settling on Hera, and poured his heart and soul into their farm. He had also been a doting father, telling Jiang about the camping trips they'd go on when he was old enough.

When the war broke out, Yáng and Alice had wanted to do their best to stay neutral, but then the Alliance marched in demanding their crops to feed their troupes. They hardly needed to discuss what to do, only the details of it; they wanted to make sure at least some of their harvests were making it to the browncoats. They argued over who was going to stay home with Jiang, and who was going to coordinate the food deliveries from inside the browncoat forces. In the end Jiang won out and enlisted with the browncoats. He insisted that Alice staying behind, posing as a woman abandoned by her traitorous husband with a young child, would garner more sympathy from the alliance and hopefully see her left alone in safety as long as she appeared to comply with their demands for the harvests.